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You're invited to participate in the 25 Days of Practice Challenge!

We challenge all Music House students to practice 25 days between November 4th and December 9th, 2019 to help students develop healthy practice habits. Those who complete the challenge will be rewarded with a medal and public recognition at the next concert! There are 10 extra days in the challenge, so that you can continue even if you miss a day or two! We are requesting that parents enroll in this challenge so you can be apart of the practice, and sign off on all completed practices.

Why 25 days? We want all students to prepare for the bigger challenge of 100 days starting in February, and this is a perfect opportunity for students to start healthy practice habits early. If you want to turn desired behavior into habit, you must do it daily! By the end of the 25 days of practice challenge, practicing will become a habit for both the parent (at-home-teachers!) and student. The more a student practices, the easier practicing becomes, the more confident and motivated the student gets, and the more fun practicing can be!

Enroll by November 4th to receive your "25 Days of Practice" sheet and sticker packet!

The guidelines for this challenge are:

  • All practices must be conducted at home (or in a space that isn't School or Music House)
  • Practices must be 10 minutes a day, or more.
  • This challenge is about the consistency of practicing, so practice sessions must be daily (you can't mark multiple practices done in one day).
  • You are allowed 5 days of active listening in lieu of practice If you are sick or unable to be with your instrument to practice. You can listen or sing through your songs in order to receive a practice sticker for that date!
  • Parents must Register for the Challenge Enroll to be recognized by Music House!

Print the 25 Days of Practice Challenge Chart at home!