2 locations:
West Rogers Park: 773-761-3770
Humboldt Park: 773-384-1018
West Rogers Park: 2925-2927 W. Devon Chicago, Il 60659
Humboldt Park: 1018 N. California Chicago, Il 60622
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Music Camps 2019

Music Camps are held at 2 locations:
West Rogers Park: 2925-27 W. Devon
Humboldt Park: 1018 N. California

Professional Musician in Training
What are contemporary musicians in Chicago creating right now? How do they market themselves? How are they using computers, pedals, and other technology to experiment and create? This class is for the musically inclined 4th-8th grader (string, vocal, piano, and rock students alike!) who are interested in songwriting, experimenting with new technology, recording songs and compositions, and learning how to use recording software. All instruments and experience levels encouraged and welcome. 10-14 years old.

Students will learn simple tools for recording, simple tools for composing on a computer, compose pieces on their instrument(s) of choice, be able to work as an ensemble or as solo musicians with the guidance of working Chicago Musicians, and by the end of the week long camp will have at least one song recorded and and posted to a BandCamp.

Humboldt Park: 1 week, June 24-28
West Rogers Park: 1 week, July 8-12

Tuition: $425 for 1 week
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Pit Orchestra Camp
Being a string player often means we make music for dancers and singers to showcase their talent. As string musicians, we must learn to accompany others in their song and dance pursuits! At Pit Orchestra Camp, we will collaborate with the Musical Theater Camp to put on a mini-production by the end of a two weeks. We will learn 5-6 pieces to accompany Musical Theater Students, and put on a short performance at the end of the two weeks.

Students will strengthen their sight reading abilities with exercises for note reading, practice in sectionals and as a large ensemble, practice with Musical Theater vocalists to tighten up the larger ensemble, and have time for community building and free time with the Musical Theater Camp students.

Humboldt Park: 2 weeks, July 8-19
West Rogers Park: 2 weeks, July 22-August 2

Tuition: $800 for 2 weeks
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Becoming a Pro Rocker Camp
Want to learn to shred on stage, write your own songs, and put on a rock show? Rockers in this camp will learn techniques essential for the well versed rocker such as blues and pentatonic scales, power chords and more. Rockers will form a band with their fellow rockers, come up with their own band name, set list, and rock out all week! The focus of each day will be organizing- from designing their set list, posters, and outfits to practicing up to 4-5 songs- a real rock show for their family and friends at the end of the week (the show will be at 4:00 on Friday!)

Humboldt Park: 1 week, July 29-August 2
West Rogers Park: 1 week, July 15-19

Tuition:$425 for 1 week
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Humboldt Park: 

West Rogers Park: 

No cancellations accepted for Summer Camps.

Early drop off and/or late pick up is $10 per each additional hour needed. If you drop off before 8:45am, a $10 fee applies and if you pick up after 4:15, and additional $10 fee applies. Camp officially starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm.

Parents supply lunch and snack. Music House is 100% nut free.

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