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West Rogers Park: 773-761-3770
Humboldt Park: 773-384-1018
West Rogers Park: 2925-2927 W. Devon Chicago, Il 60659
Humboldt Park: 1018 N. California Chicago, Il 60622
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Welcome School Principals and Arts Liaisons.

Music House wants to Partner with you!

Music House, School of Performing Arts, established in 1951, has been partnering with Chicago Schools and CPS since the 1950s. Music House has 2 locations in Chicago's Humboldt Park and West Rogers Park neighborhood. Music House offers instrumental music lessons, dance classes, musical theater classes, and camps on school days off and summer. Music House has 75 teachers on staff, all with degrees in their fields of music, dance, theater, and visual art.

Every year Music House partners with around 20 Chicago Public and Private Schools. At Music House, we believe that every child has a natural inborn ability to make music, dance, perform and make art. We believe that anyone can enjoying making art and performing as long as they are given the right tools and the most engaging and committed teachers. We want to partner with you!

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Here are some of Our Artist Residencies currently running this 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Bernard Horwich JCC: Pre-School Music and Movement Classes
  • Cesar E Chávez Multicultural Academic Center: Dance Classes
  • Ida Crown Jewish Academy: Modern Band
  • Jackie Robinson Elementary: Tap Dance
  • LaSalle Language Academy: "Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre," a spoken word and beat making class
  • Libby Elementary: Visual Arts Education for all grades
  • Moos Elementary- Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre," Ukulele, and Piano class
  • Murphy Elementary: Concert Band
  • Talcott Elementary: Music, Movement, and Art
  • Chavez Elementary: Latin Dance


Music House Tuition Based Before/After School Programs for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Agassiz Elementary: Violin after school
  • Brentano Math and Science Academy: Violin and Rock'sCool Rock Band after school
  • Colibri Montessori: Pre-Twinkle Violin (violin for early childhood 2-4 y/o) after school
  • Darwin Elementary: Violin, Dance, and Visual Arts after school 3:00-6:00
  • Drummond Montessori: Violin and Rock'sCool Rock Band after school
  • Edgebrook Elementary: Concert Band and Violin before school
  • Edison Regional Gifted: Violin and Rock'sCool Rock Band during school
  • Franklin Fine Arts: Violin after school 
  • Jamieson Elementary: Violin, Rock'sCool Rock Band, Ukulele, and Guitar before school
  • A.N. Pritzker School: Violin, Rock'sCool Rock Band, Ukulele, and Guitar before school
  • Skinner West: Violin, Rock'sCool Rock Band, Ukulele, and Guitar after school
  • St. Sylvester School- Violin, Rock'sCool Rock Band, Hip Hop, and Ballet after school
  • Stone Scholastic Academy- Violin, Ukulele, and Dance after school
  • Suder Montessori- full before and after school performing arts programming! Violin, Piano, Rock'sCool Rock Band, Ukulele, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Latin Dance
  • O.A Thorp Scholastic Academy: Rock'sCool Rock Band for 4th-8th grade after school 
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Professional Development
Music House provides coaching services to teachers to refine their classroom management approach by guiding teachers through role playing exercises to enhance such skills as Strong Voice, Clear Directions, Narrating, Squaring up, and Checking for Understanding, while also providing tools and strategies for teachers to build community and investment in learning.


Former Artist Residency Programs:
Sayre Elementary-"
Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre", Mural, Bucket Drumming, Suzuki Classical Guitar
Daley Elementary-Suzuki Classical Guitar
Libby Elementary-Visual Arts
Ida Crown Jewish Academy-Band
Burr Elementary-PreK-8th grade Music
Hale-Rock and Roll Theater/Rock Band Education
Hip Hop Music production
George Rogers Clark-"
Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre"
Fernwood Elementary "Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre" 
The Book of Mystery


Sayre Elementary-"
Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre", Bucket Drumming, Suzuki
Videography 3 years, Mural Project 2018-2019
Harlem Renaissance Theatre
Dyett High School-Music Ed: Rock Band
Dvorak-Theatre and costume set design
Nixon Elementary-Disney's The Jungle Book-Musical Theatre
Boone Elementary-Guitar
Wendell Smith-Hip Hop Dance
Marvin Camras, School of Children Engineering-Visual Art
Donoghue, University of Chicago Charter School- Rock/R&B Band


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