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Learn how to make & record your own music in Music Production!

      By the end of the session, all students will be able to:

 ·       Create their own beats

·       Arrange their own songs

·       Recognize the components of a song

·       Understand what sampling is and how to do it

·       Learn basic songwriting techniques, applicable towards any genre of music

·       Cut a demo

      Students ages 11-13 will learn additional, more advanced techniques, such as:

 ·       Basic music theory and piano

·       Understanding the components and assembly of a basic home studio

·       Basic vocal recording

·       Introduction to mixing

      Students ages 14-17 will build upon the aforementioned skills with the following:

 ·       Intermediate to advanced mixing techniques

·       Introduction to mastering

·       Mic positioning and dynamics

·       Recording live instruments/bands

·       Interpolation and recreating samples

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Music Production is a private lesson scheduled in 30 minute increments ($35 per 30 minutes) per week

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