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We offer Classes at Brentano Elementary, Colibri Montessori, Drummond Montessori, Franklin Fine Arts, Jamieson Elementary, A.N. Pritzker Elementary, Skinner West, Suder Montessori, Edison Regional Gifted, and Stone Academy.

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About Our Music and Dance Outreach Programs:

We teach children how to dance and play instruments in the same way that they initially learned how to speak English (through positive reinforcement, small steps of imitation and repetition);  Because of this, young children are also developing the same part of the brain that processes and interprets language. The ability to imitate pitches and rhythms  in young children have been shown to improve communication skills, cognitive skills, help create healthy study habits, and most importantly: abstract thinking skills.  Arts research says that children who study music and dance education are proven to be more disciplined, goal-oriented, and focused in their everyday lives. “Studying music encourages self-discipline and diligence traits that carry over into mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history and geography.”-No Child Left Behind Act.

By teaching children to work together as a team to create a cohesive ensemble, we are improving their sense of awareness of others and enriching their appreciation of talent development and hard work through repetition. We use songs and games to engage our children, and activities and rhymes that are all about our students, and the love of music and dance. Our teachers are passionate and this translates in every one of our classrooms!


Our Pre- Twinkle Violin Classes begin at age 3 (for schools that have preschool).  Students in this class begin with Box Violins so young children can learn how to take care of their instruments, how to hold their instruments, and our basic foundational rhythms before receiving their very own violin. Before receiving their own violin each child demonstrates respect to their instrument and before they know it, they've all received their own violin!

Beginning Violin starts in Kindergarten!  By the end of the year you can expect that your child will know at least 10 songs on his/her violin!  Your child will learn how to hold their instrument properly, will be able to identify all of the strings, develop their ear to be able to identify specific pitches and rhythms, and be able to perform as an ensemble at least twice during the year!

Intermediate and Advanced Violin  focuses on continuing positive and healthy habits, while also introducing new concepts and styles such as fiddle, jazz, folk, rock, and holiday repertoire.  Your child will be able to play in harmonies with his/ her peers, learn new scales, be able to note read, and may even dabble in song composition!

Rock Band

Rock Band program begins in 3rd grade.  Your child can expect to be part of their first band with their choice of keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, or vocals.  Our teachers ensure that all students are able to play as a band from the very beginning with activities that focus on feeling and hearing the beat, showmanship and stage presence, listening to a recording and identifying their own part, playing basic chord progressions and riffs, and even naming their own band!  By the end of the first year in rock band, you can expect your child will own the stage and have at least 6 rock songs in their repertoire!  


Hip Hop class offers young dancers an introduction of the technique and rhythm of hip hop training. Dancers will begin each class with a guided warm up to help strengthen their bodies and increase flexibility. Hip Hop guides students through a series of foundational skills that set dancers up for more advanced learning in the future. Young dancers will learn to slide, bounce and roll to choreography, developing an understanding of musical timing and dynamics in their body.  Hip Hop Dancers can expect to perform at least twice during the school year.

Pre-Ballet classes begin at age 3 (for schools that have preschool).  These classes focus on games and activities designed to get 3-5 year olds moving in a creative way, learn the structure of a dance class, age appropriate stretching, games to remember positions, and moving to music in an expressive way while working on coordination and ensemble-based choreography.  Your child will be able to perform at least twice by the end of the year!

Ballet begins at age 6 and is designed to provide young dancers an introductory class in the French terms and movements of a ballet dance. Students will learn the distinct positions of the feet and movement of the arms based upon traditional ballet technique, while also learning choreography for performances twice a year. Posture and balance teach young dancers the build blocks of ballet while providing a fun challenge for new learners!

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How We Engage and Support All Abilities:

We always have 2 or 3 teachers teaching different levels simultaneously because we expect students to progress from year to year. In a class of multiple abilities we use new music that allows for everyone to be challenged while having fun, such as with fiddle or jazz, and this year we will be experimenting with student compositions and hip hop!

We offer ADDITIONAL violin group lessons on Saturdays and rock class on Tuesday evenings to help students continue their practice and get parents involved. This is highly recommended because our children want to do what our parents do, and if the parents are involved our young violinists will sky rocket!

Talent= Ability X 10,000! The more we practice, the better we become!