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We are available and prepared to offer ideas and/or suggestions to help make this grant:

  • Innovative
  • “Integrate-able” –, let’s work towards gaining teacher consensus on a common theme or concept that can be integrated into other subjects
  • Applicable to the Common Core Standards
  • Directly involve and engage as many students as possible
  • Indirectly include even more students, teachers, and community members.
  • Conclude in a performance or an exhibition of student work

Music House works by a few principles:

  • Envision the awesome, successful, and inspiring culminating activity
  • Discover the path and teaching methods to achieve “The Impossible”
  • Entertain by making learning objectives and activities appealing and fun
  • Engage the student with centered learning
  • Educate, instruct, train, and develop student talent
  • Reward with motivations that will reward student effort that aligns with school culture
  • Recognize student effort and applaud all student effort culminating with a student performance

Arts Residencies and links to see some of the outcomes!
Sayre Elementary-“Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre”, Bucket Drumming, Suzuki Classical Guitar
Daley Elementary-Suzuki Classical Guitar
Libby Elementary-Visual Arts
Ida Crown Jewish Academy-Band
Burr Elementary-PreK-8th grade Music

Hale-Rock and Roll Theater/Rock Band Education
Barton- Hip Hop Music production
George Rogers Clark-“Telling Stories Through Hip Hop Theatre
Tonti-Videography 3 years
Schubert- Videography
Cook-Harlem Renaissance Theatre
Dyett High School-Music Ed: Rock Band
Dvorak-Theatre and costume set design
Nixon Elementary-Disney’s The Jungle Book-Musical Theatre
Boone Elementary-Guitar
Wendell Smith-Hip Hop Dance
Marvin Camras, School of Children Engineering-Visual Art
Donoghue, University of Chicago Charter School- Rock/R&B Band

Our Catalog Arts Integration Solutions-Scope of Services

Outreach Schools
Music House currently serves the following Schools offering Violin, Pre-Twinkle Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Rock Band, Ballet, Hip Hot Dance:

Agassiz, A.N. Pritzker, Brentano, Drummond Montessori, Edison Regional Gifted Center, Franklin Fine Arts, Jamieson, Skinner, Stone Academy, Suder Montessori, St. Sylvester, Colibri Montessori, and The Gardner Schools

Professional Development
Music House provides coaching services to teachers to refine their classroom management approach by guiding teachers through role playing exercises to enhance such skills as Strong Voice, Clear Directions, Narrating, Squaring up, and Checking for Understanding, while also providing tools and strategies for teachers to build community and investment in learning.

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