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Here is a testimonial written by my daughter, Ava age 6.

"I think she's (Ms. Allison) awesome and I think she is probably the best violinist. I love being in class with her, and I especially like playing the violin. She makes me want to play the violin and when I grow up I want to play like her. She's nice and plays violin at A.N Pritzker with me and I think this is truly the best violin class ever."

I'd like to add that Allison is a true professional at what she does. Her ability to motivate children is amazing.

Lauren, Mother, August, 24, 2011

I think Allison Trumbo is an amazing teacher. My daughters, ages 5 and 8 have been with Allison for almost 3 years and they absolutely adore Allison. My older daughter took private lessons for a short time with another teacher due to Allison's schedule and she did not thrive as well. I can honestly say that no one compares to Allison's capabilities in providing a creative and motivating teaching experience that inspires children of various ages. Allison knows how to connect with children, especially when a child is having difficulty with a lesson. For example, if a child needs help learning a scale, Allison will make up her own catchy little lyrics that often includes the children by allowing them to add in their own words as well. Furthermore, she rewards children with positive remarks and respects her students as her students respect her. Overall, we are completely satisfied with Allison. She really is a wonderful person who can positively influence any child towards any road to success.

Angie Fousias

"Allison has been absolutely wonderful with my daughter during her after-school and private summer violin lessons. She is always eager to teach the children and her dedication and enthusiasm shows through during every minute of each lesson. My daughter is always excited to Ms. Alison and show off her new violin skills when she gets home. Alison is not only fun, warm and caring but extremely patient when teaching the young children of her class. She (and Music House) would be a great addition to any expansion of the Music programming at Suder. "


Maile Wicklander

Allison, of Music House, Academy of Music and Dance, is a wonderful teacher, full of warmth and energy. My son, Jack, has thoroughly enjoyed being in her violin class, and especially appreciates her teaching style. She is very creative in how she teaches important music concepts. She is masterful at controlling a room full of energetic children while still allowing them to learn and have fun. Sincerely,

Sarah Nelson, Mother at Suder Montessori School

These days, when time and money is tighter than ever, I’d like to let you know one of the best ways I’ve discovered to invest them both wisely, that being, taking classes at Music House. Both my children have been taking classes there for a couple of years now and I must say that I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Because they are both attending very demanding schools and are in other extra-circular activities, it pains me to have to admit that they don’t have as much time as they should to practice. Nevertheless, both of them, to my astonishment and delight, have been able to learn not only the musical pieces that they are going over in class, but also have begun to play songs that they’ve heard on the radio or from movies. I attribute this, in large part to the excellent instruction they’ve received in the music classes.

The instructors as Music House, in addition to being very capable, are also compassionate and caring, yet still demanding enough to make sure that my children learn and I get my money’s worth. This requires a very delicate which the instructors have mastered as much as they have their instruments. It’s a balance which inspires my children to always do their best and lets them know how much the instructors care, not only about my children’s musical skills but also for my children themselves, along with all their other students.

In addition to the wonderful instruction they receive in their private lessons, Music House offers something that I’ve found extremely helpful. As I mentioned earlier, time is tight and practice time is scarce. But Music House has found a way to help tremendously with this. Twice a week, they come to my children’s schools to give instructions during recess. Not only does this give them two more opportunities to play their instrument during the week but it gives me a break, knowing that they’ve played their instruments three times without counting the home practice. While I’d never encourage this to be the only time they practice, it still gives me peace of mind to know that they are playing their instruments three times a week.

Finally, to those who of you who don’t yet know, I can’t emphasize strongly enough how important it is to your children’s development to receive music instruction as early as possible. While I cannot emphasize it strongly enough, a program that I recently viewed on PBS, explains quite well the incredible advantages of learning to play an instrument, advantages in brain development that no other activity produce. The name of the program is “The Music Instinct: Science and Song”. It’s available at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/238xre3 or just search for it at www.pbs.org. If you are not one already, you will be a believer in the importance of learning to play and instrument after viewing this program. Then, get on the phone or the web and sign up for classes at Music House as soon as possible. You won’t believe the difference it will make in the lives of your children, not to mention the gratification that you, as a parent will receive by listen to your children create their on music and by watching how they excel!

Peter Capron

Hello! My name is Alanis San Miguel. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I have been playing the violin for 4 years. All those years I have played with Music House. I started in 1st grade. Music House at that time was coming to my school and teaching kids to play instruments. I went home and asked my mom if I could please play the violin. She said yes! I've been playing ever since. I learn all different styles of music. One of my favorites is fiddle. I have been in the Midwest Invitational Fiddle Contest for the last 3 years, The first year we played as a group of at least 12 people and placed 2nd. This past year was my 3rd year in the contest and I played by myself and I won 3rd place out of 17 kids.

I was really proud of myself. Music House has really inspired me to move ahead as much as possible with music. I have other interests in music too. I love to sing and Music House has allowed me to sing with fiddle and still play the violin. At home I taught myself to play a little flute (with some help from Mr. Trumbo) and some guitar. I love all kinds of music. Ravinia is my favorite for classical music and we go sit in the lawn and have a great time listening to the beautiful music.

My brother inspires me as well because he played the violin and he plays in a jazz band with his trumpet and is in a rock band playing guitar. I also write songs and poems but I usually keep those to myself. Some music in my i-pod is the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, The Beatles, Suzuki, fiddle, The Four Seasons, Taylor Swift, the Go Go’s and much more. Everyone in my family is a music lover and plays an instrument. I also love going to plays and musicals and I try out at school every time we have a production. I love music. I couldn't live without it. I believe that Music House and all my great teachers have made my love for music even stronger!

Alanis San Miguel

Hi my name is Ashley Sadie Byrne, I have being playing the violin for 3 years. I started of at The Old Town School of Music and now I am taking classes at my school Hawthorne Scholastic with Music House Inc. The teachers Mr. Trumbo and his daughter are very helpful and give us great encouragement.

Ashley Sadie Byrne

My name is Samia H. Khan and I am six years old. I live in Chicago and attend Decatur Classical School . I have been playing the Violin since I was five years old. I chose to play the Violin because it sounded and looked so elegant. Being a musician makes me feel good and I like to learn new songs. My favorite composer is Beethoven. I like Symphony No 5 because it is so loud and soft at the same time. Performing makes me proud especially when I perform a song and do it right. I feel nervous and happy to see my family when they come to watch me. Performing in a group and solo has helped me become confident. I have also performed for my neighbors, my old pre-school and for family when they come to visit. My grandfather in India plays the Violin too. When I visited India he played songs for me. Next time I go to India , I will take my Violin so I can play with him.

Besides the Violin I like to listen to the Piano. It has a beautiful sound and it doesn’t look as hard as holding a bow to make good music. In my spare time I like spending it at home with my parents and brother. I like my Violin teacher from Music House, Ms. Alison Trumbo, because she makes music fun to learn and she is very patient with me. She wants me to try my best! I also enjoy the Group lessons by Music House at Decatur when I get to play with everyone. I am very proud to have made it into the Intermediate Group.

Samia H. Khan

Tiare enjoys the attention she receives during a performance or recital. We have four children, of which, she is the oldest. Much of our attention goes to the youngest children right now so Tiare really values the time we spend with her when she is practicing her violin and the satisfaction she feels when we attend her performances. She also values the attention and praise she receives from the instructors at Music House, especially from Mr. Trumbo. He knows just what to say to get students motivated especially when learning a difficult piece of music. Music House knows how to encourage young musicians when they feel apprehensive and expect no less than success from their students.


I have been playing the violin for one year. I wanted to pick the guitar to play, but I need to be bigger to do that. So, I picked the violin instead. Now, I want to play the bag pipes. I like to have my family watch me play in a concert. Music House helps me step by step to build and get better with playing the violin.

Justin Ren

The little competitions and prizes during class really motivate my son to practice. When he practices hard and wins a prize, he comes home so pleased with himself. He has also commented that the better he gets at violin, the more fun it becomes. These rewards have been a great motivator.

Kristin Mount

…”I already anticipate that my daughter will be highly motivated to participate in the Grade School Musical and she might be interested in the School of Rock band.”… “I am very impressed at her progress so far and can't tell you how happy we are that she told her grandparents this Easter weekend that she was a "musician."

My sincerest thanks, again...

Claudia Mendez

Music House has provided my daughter an enriching musical experience. Their in school lessons, weekend orchestra and private lessons offer a comprehensive introduction to violin. Music House's experience and my daughter's hard work has given her a musical foundation that will last a lifetime.

Michael Gabin

Dear Mr. Trumbo, At a very early age, my children showed great interest in music. I was absolutely convinced that they have to nourish their love to music by playing it, but I did not know how or what instrument they might like till we started Violin lessons with you. With your great enthusiasm and superior guidance, you assured my children that Violin came as a natural fit for their passion to music! Not only they love violin, they now understand the importance of discipline, structure and respect for music. In addition, you have exposed them to different type of music such as fiddle, classic ….etc

I can’t thank you enough Mr. Trumbo for being such an exceptional teacher and a great mentor.

Diala Atassi

The violin lessons from the Music House have changed Matea’s life forever. Last year when Matea started first grade she picked up the violin at school. The little blue book that was sent home gave a clear set of instructions for parents, which I followed, to the letter. Matea practiced every day, and started to attend the Saturday classes. The blue book made it so easy to learn that I found myself picking up her tiny violin and trying it out myself. In November, my husband bought me a violin of my own and sent us both to private lessons at the Music House. Before long we finished the little blue book and started breezing through the Suzuki book. The Pritzker and Saturday classes at the Music House has taught Matea the fundamentals of playing in a group, which is important, especially with timing. Eventually, Mr. Trumbo invited me to play in the group class on Saturday. I didn’t want to overshadow Matea so I asked her if she minded and she insisted. I’ve even played in a couple of concerts with the kids and found it fun and exciting. Matea is fast becoming a better player than I am, which in my book is the point. She is learning to site read and count, which is a big challenge to her, and the progress she has made with Rebecca is remarkable!

The Music House is not a convenient location to get to, as we have to take 3 busses just to get to class. I suppose there are other options, but when I sit down and play a duet with Matea or I hear her practicing or playing in front of a group of her friends… I see a confident seven year-old who has a love of music. She loves to go to the symphony, all because she learned to play Beethoven’s, Ode to Joy from the little blue book. Her teacher made it a point to tell me that one day she asked the kids what music do they enjoy, and she was quite astounded that Matea’s favorite three composers are Beethoven, Handel and Mozart, all composers that she has been exposed to from the Music House.

Batya Hernandez, A.N. Pritzker School

My child has been a student at Music House for over 5 years. She now plays two instruments and is a part of the Music House Orchestra, Jazz Band, and takes private lessons. Over the years, she has worked under the direction of a very passionate, caring, and dedicated teacher, Mr. Trumbo. Music House has helped my child to be more focused and work on her passion for music. She has studied and played a variety of styles for benefits, activities, and at a number of different venues. I highly recommend the Music House for music study.

Karla McReynolds